24 Hours of LeMons | The BFE GP 2014


The 24 Hours of LeMons aka The BFE GP is a race like none other. You don’t have to have thousands of dollars to throw into a car with a team full of seasoned race car drivers whose racing suits are stitched with flare to show off their previous accomplishments. All you need is a $500 car (or less if you can find one), a few friends, and an affinity for motorsports. Well, there’s a little more to it than that but those are the essentials.

In the case of Team GTIWish with their VW Golf, every year they decide to get a team together of employees from The Import Mechanics and have some fun. This year their team consisted of owner Robert Savi, Bill Darling, Brad Deen, and Andy Scheirer with help from their Service Writer, Michael Gragg and others along the way.


Although the race isn’t a true 24 hours, it’s still an endurance race that requires a significant amount of energy from each driver. Time is everything in this race. With each driver spending approximately 2 hours racing around the track, staying on schedule and avoiding receiving the infamous black flag can make or break you. With Judge Phil in control of the penalty box for those that have been black flagged, it’s up to his discretion on how long you stay there and what other punishments you receive, such as being saran wrapped to the top of your car and paraded around through the pits.


Although Colorado is typically known for its cold weather, Rocky Mountains, and snow, it was nowhere near the cool temperatures I’m guessing everybody wished it were. Add in a full racing suit, a helmet, and gloves and you may just wish there really were snow.


In true LeMons fashion, sometimes you get creative with what you have and make pit stop signs out of team shirts taped to some rod that was laying around your trailer.


Or make use of that old Radio Flyer you had sitting around the house that can wheel around the gas cans.


The waiting is rough. The heat is unrelenting.


But as soon as your car pulls up, it’s go time.


Time to focus, get your head in the game, and hope you took that bathroom break before you got in.


Once you’re out there, there’s no telling what you’ll see. LeMons is full of big cars, little cars, fast and slow, but what really makes them tends to be their theme. Anything from this “Malaise” Marlin…


to an R5 Renault replica powered by a V6 Infiniti engine…


to a Volvo bus full of dolls…


to what appears to be a mint E30 that almost seems out of place.

If you’ve ever had the desire to race, this may just be the race for you. Everyone’s out there to have fun with a little friendly competition amongst the teams. Now the big question is, what will your theme be?

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