Speed Theory is about life. This is our way of showing you what life is.

Leann Deen comes from an artistic background through both words and images. Creating different stories and drawings as a child, she’s continued to hold that passion throughout the years and discovered a love for photography. The ability to tell a story through a photo is truly an art in its own and she enjoys sharing those stories with others. While Leann isn’t taking photos, she occasionally drifts and is a cupcake connoisseur.

Alex Wong is a creative mind like none other. As he dabbled in the arts, carefully placing pencil to paper to meticulously recreate images, he found a new medium to capture what he saw. Photography. With this, he is able to show people the beauty he sees in every photo he takes. When Alex isn’t busy taking photos, he likes to pretend he is a racecar driver and is still learning how to heel-toe in his own car.

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