Just Drift | All Star Bash 2014


I have always heard about how awesome All Star Bash is but I have never been able to go until this year. I had been back and forth trying to decide what to do and ultimately convinced myself that I needed to get out there. Last year I made it to all but one Formula Drift event and this year, I didn’t even go to one. It’s a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, I really miss the people. The friends you make and the memories you take from experiences like that are priceless. However, saving money and not having to endure what seems like endless one-more-times is kind of nice. Trust me. When you’ve spent countless hours running around shooting, sometimes you just want to call it a day.


This was also my first time at Willow Springs Raceway and having three tracks all in the same place is pretty awesome. I just wish it wasn’t located in the desert. It’s hot, dry, and dirty. But then again, some people like it like that.


All Star Bash seems to be a pinnacle event that helps close out the drift season. People from across the US, and even in places beyond that, will come together for drifting and shenanigans.


Cole Chalmers happens to be one of those people who came from beyond as he took it upon himself to drive all the way from Canada to California for this event. That’s dedication!


Drivers ranged from grassroots, to amateur, to pro drivers like Justin Pawlak, Forrest Wang, Ryan Kado, Joon Maeng, and more.


The cars ranged from 240SX’s, to FC’s, to E30’s, to…trucks.


Of course, who could forget the media? You know, those crazy people standing out in the middle of that desert in their fashionable vests. The ones that will not only spend an entire weekend capturing photos and video of you, but will rush to your aid in the event of a fire and try to help clean up the mess so everyone can get back out there. Those people.


I had fun but if I go back next year…I want to be driving it instead.

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